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About Bill

Bill Mahko has been playing music for 40 years, getting his start in southern Illinois where he was raised. Hearing ‘Hound Dog’ by Elvis at 5 years of age sparked a musical passion that continues to this day. Bill moved to California in the 1980s and he has played in many different bands. From Blues, to Country, to Rock & Roll, he loves to play any music with soul.
He now calls Kerrville, Texas his home, and loves to be part of the fun music scene here. When he’s not playing music he teaches a self-defense class and loves to camp and fish and have fun.
Bill has always had an early love of the Blues and Rock & Roll. He looks at music like food, he’s willing to try it all! From Zydeco to Latin music, Country to Jazz, he likes to mix it up.
As he says “I like to read the crowd and see what might work best, from song selection to volume, it’s fun to have each show be a little different.”
From quiet dinner sets to a full on band he can provide what’s needed for most venues.   


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